the bloob bracelet

the bloob bracelet

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hefty, blobby, glass

In Ikrenad, magic comes from the gods themselves. In a show of their magnificent power, the gods bestowed mankind with powers of their own and shows a mere shimmer of the powers the gods themselves possess. But what the gods give, they can also take away. It's a cruel game the gods play from time to time.
The gift of magic has proved to be both a blessing and a curse, and it remains to be seen whether the future will lean more toward the blessing side.

8 inches

Your Ian Charms are special, so treat them that way. Here’s some tips to help you out:

  • Don’t drop the ball, the soap, or your Ian Charms. Our beads, charms, and pearls are real, handmade, and delicate. Hard impact can break or chip glass and ceramic so make sure to handle with care.
  • Way harsh, Tai.[a] Makeup, sunscreen, perfume, soap, lotions, and other products with harsh chemicals are no bueno for your Ian Charms. Avoid these around your IC jewelry.
  • No Swimming: your Ian Charms are better on dry land so make sure to remove them for any water-based activity like showering, swimming, dramatic kissing-in-the-rain movie sequences, and whatever other shit you’re into. Best to keep them off during physical activity like working out, too.
  • Silver clasp looking a little dull? That’s normal — add a little silver polish or tooth paste to a soft cloth and gently rub the clasp and that shit will shine like brand new.

Care for your Charms and they’ll care for you. Ian Charms cannot accept returns due to poor handling.

Bead on little beader 🤟🏽

[a]This is a clueless reference

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